The Power of One: 

There is a very simple calculation about SFI Affiliate Marketing System.

Let's say you are serious about this business, so in average you enroll 1 new PSA per day. That should not be a hard task, if you use training materials provided by SFI you would learn how to do that. Or just go for S-builder/PSA To Go/some ECA store or outsource any other way you find suitable for you. 

People share with others some statistics like % of new PSA who are active. Some say their are just 1%, others claim they manage to activate 10%. I personally saw with my own eyes (in my Gen report) a person who was a TOP Enroller and managed to activate more than 50%!!! (I agree - that's really AMAZING!). I will take, for a purpose to explain my point, that it ... Read more »

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